Magnetic drive pump applied in the paper

Using magnetic pump in pulp and paper industry is more special, because of can contain a variety of chemical pulp and solid impurities, so the choice of time will be a little bit strict, magnetic pump to introduce below in papermaking industry how to correctly choose magnetic pump. 1, according to the requirements of magnetic output flow and allow the highest speed to determine the magnetic pump magnetic pump specifications.According to the abrasion resistance, medium viscosity, specific gravity, such as concentration, temperature, solid mixture combined with Vg. M and experience, to determine the magnetic pump to allow the highest speed.If choose magnetic pump set at high concentration slurry flow should be considered the pulp abrasion performance determine its maximum speed, such as installation location enough Suggestions to choose large diameter low speed magnetic pump. 2, according to the requirements of magnetic output pressure and maximum allowable working pressure of magnetic pump.And according to the relation between medium wear determine magnetic pump series.Under the condition of meet the magnetic force, should choose low series magnetic pump, because the more series, the papermaking, the more difficult. 3, the medium according to the requirement of use magnetic liner material such as physical and chemical characteristics.Magnetic pump bushings used rubber for nitrile butadiene rubber (NBR), chloroprene rubber (CR), fluorine rubber (FPM) and ethylene propylene rubber (EPDM) and so on several besides nitrile butadiene rubber (NBR) are not resistant to ozone, chloroprene rubber (CR) steam resistance, have good wear resistance, ageing resistance, resistance to ozone, steam, fire resistant performance.Commonly used for magnetic pump bushing temperature range of rubber and its adaptability to medium.Due to the transmission of mixed media is sometimes, so must be comprehensive consideration of the pump of the media influence.If choose magnetic pump high concentration slurry into the bleaching tower, due to the pulp before entering bleaching tower has been mixed with a variety of bleaching agents such as H2O2, EDTA, NaOH, Na2SiO3, should fully consider the medium effect on magnetic liner material chosen magnetic drive pump is the most beneficial.


Magnetic pump structure

Magnetic pump structure: Magnetic drive pump (hereinafter referred to as magnetic pump) and both belong to the structure without shaft seal pump shield pump, only static seal structure without dynamic seal, used for conveying liquid can guarantee a drop not leak. Magnetic pump composed of six parts: Magnetic pump by the pump body, impeller, magnetic steel, magnetic steel, isolation cover, inside the pump shaft, pump shaft, bearing, roller bearing,coupling, motor, base and so on, some of the small magnetic pump, the outer magnetic steel and motor shaft directly connected together, save pump axis parts, rolling bearing and coupling, etc). 1) the sliding bearing Within the pump shaft by the sliding bearing magnetic pump.Because of the sliding bearing is to rely on poor lubricity of lubricating medium, so the sliding bearing wear resistance and good self-lubrication materials should be adopted.Commonly used bearing materials such as silicon carbide ceramic, graphite, filled ptfe. 2) motor Pump motor has a seal, with a standard motor, such as domestic Y series three-phase asynchronous motor, YB series flame-proof motor, etc. 3) coupling Coupling with seal pump, using the flexible coupling. 1, the pump body, impeller similar to sealing of pump. 2, magnetic coupling Magnetic coupling by inside magnet steel (including guide ring and packet set) and outer magnetic steel (including guide ring) and isolation, is the core component of magnetic pump.The structure of the magnetic force coupling, magnetic circuit design, and its various parts of the material is related to the reliability of the magnetic pump, magnetic transmission efficiency and life span. 4) within the magnetic steel Within the magnetic steel with the guide ring using adhesives.Inside the magnets inside and dielectric isolation for magnetic steel appearance need to bag.Bag has two kinds of metal and plastic, metal coating, welding plastic bag by injection molding. 5) outer magnetic steel Outer magnetic steel with the guide ring USES the binder. 6) of sleeve Also called gland of sleeve, between the inner and outer magnetic steel, separated from the inner and outer magnetic steel completely, medium closed within the spacer.Spacer thickness and working pressure and temperature, too thick to increase the clearance between the inner and outer magnetic steel size, thus affecting magnetic transmission efficiency;Then affects the intensity is too thin.Of sleeve has two kinds of metal and nonmetal, metal loss with eddy, non-metallic loss no eddy current. Selection should follow the principle of magnetic pump 1) selectionRead More…


Magnetic drive pump characteristics,principle,use

I: product characteristics The leak proof design Canceled the shaft seals, the use of magnetic coupling indirect drive, completely eliminates the drip, no pollution using field. Due to magnetic drive pump parts choose the fluoroplastic alloy manufacture.Can be continuous conveying any concentration of strong acid, alkali, oxidant and other corrosive medium and not damaged. II: the principle of work Drive the active magnet coupling directly on the motor shaft, pump room is completely closed, indirectly by magnetic coupling drive pump impeller rotating shaft with magnet structure is compact, safe and energy-saving. The pump body structure of strong and durable Although the contact liquid part is fluorine plastic, pump shell is the metal material, so the pump body is enough to sustain the weight of the pipe and by mechanical shock. III: the main purpose This product is widely used in: petrochemical, acid alkali production, non-ferrous metal smelting, cars made in pickling technology, rare earth separation, pesticide, dye, medicine, paper making, electroplating industry, radio, etc. Use the temperature: – 20 ℃ to 100 ℃.


The definition of magnetic pump

The definition of magnetic pump Magnetic transmission centrifugal pump (hereinafter referred to as magnetic drive pump) is the application of modern magnetics principles, use of permanent magnet magnetic transmission to realize non-contact transmission of torque of a new type of pump, which is the motor drives the outer rotor (that is, the outer magnetic steel) assembly rotates, through the role of magnetic field lines through the drive of sleeve inside the rotor (that is, the magnet steel) assembly and synchronous rotating impeller, because the media closed in the stillness of the isolation set inside, so as to achieve the aim of leakfree pumping medium, thoroughly solved the mechanical transmission shaft seal of pump leaks, designed the whole sealing, no leakage, no pollution of new industrial pump. Is a chemical process to eliminate magnetic pump run, run, drip, leak phenomenon, eliminate the pollution of the environment, to create “no leakage workshop” and “no leak factory”, to achieve an ideal pump for safety and civilized production.Widely used in petroleum, chemical, pharmaceutical, printing and dyeing, electroplating, food, environmental protection and so on enterprise’s production process flow of corrosive liquids do not contain iron impurities, is particularly applicable to flammable, explosive, toxic and volatile, precious liquids. Manufacturer in the field of petrochemical industry, more and more, the process requires no leakage for the conveying medium environment, in some special occasions, such as conveying hot oil or particulate medium (such as sewage treatment), and chemical production process, a more pressing need to select the ideal pump type without leakage.Type my company in the production of CQ magnetic pump, on the basis of introduction of new technology at home and abroad, the successful development of MT – HTP series magnetic transmission high temperature chemical process pump, MT – MSP series of magnetic drive high temperature multistage pumps and product series magnetic pump with suspension separator, solved the conventional magnetic pump has not been able to solve the transmission of high temperature (350 ℃) and the technical problems of granules medium, can directly replace the mechanical drive type IH chemical pump.MT series magnetic pump after a long period of productive test of continuous running, the user can be sure that what they choose is the safest, most reliable pump type.


Magnetic drive pump structure

Magnetic drive pump structure: Almost all of the magnetic drive pumps adopt pull “after” structure.The coupling parts, bearing parts, respectively as a unit, remove without from line, bottom sit down on the pump shell, good for maintenance service.For example, Japan’s Mount Fuji film chemical company used to use double mechanical seal centrifugal pump, due to chemical corrosion and wear, shaft seal replaced at least once.The replacement of the seal is very expensive, usually of 25% of the total value of the pump, change the time it takes 5 hours.After the switch to GLL magnetic drive pump, run 2 years completely successful.Compared with the double mechanical seal, maintenance cycle is doubled, with a reduced to 15 min.1997 years all pump replacement for magnetic pump, and pump life expectancy (no service) for five years.Allweiler reason leaves axle design, impeller installed in the middle of the sic bearings, standard gap is to declare the patent.Separate type electric motor fan application, plug sleeve bearing, repair the motor or fan bearing can be finished within 30 min.Spare parts for a wide range of and en22858 / iso2858, ansib73.1, swap api610, din, bs standards such as pump.Balance by the API/iso implementation.