Magnetic pump structure

Magnetic pump structure:
Magnetic drive pump (hereinafter referred to as magnetic pump) and both belong to the structure without shaft seal pump shield pump, only static seal structure without dynamic seal, used for conveying liquid can guarantee a drop not leak.
Magnetic pump composed of six parts:
Magnetic pump by the pump body, impeller, magnetic steel, magnetic steel, isolation cover, inside the pump shaft, pump shaft, bearing, roller bearing,coupling, motor, base and so on, some of the small magnetic pump, the outer magnetic steel and motor shaft directly connected together, save pump axis parts, rolling bearing and coupling, etc).
1) the sliding bearing
Within the pump shaft by the sliding bearing magnetic pump.Because of the sliding bearing is to rely on poor lubricity of lubricating medium, so the sliding bearing wear resistance and good self-lubrication materials should be adopted.Commonly used bearing materials such as silicon carbide ceramic, graphite, filled ptfe.
2) motor
Pump motor has a seal, with a standard motor, such as domestic Y series three-phase asynchronous motor, YB series flame-proof motor, etc.
3) coupling
Coupling with seal pump, using the flexible coupling.
1, the pump body, impeller similar to sealing of pump.
2, magnetic coupling
Magnetic coupling by inside magnet steel (including guide ring and packet set) and outer magnetic steel (including guide ring) and isolation, is the core component of magnetic pump.The structure of the magnetic force coupling, magnetic circuit design, and its various parts of the material is related to the reliability of the magnetic pump, magnetic transmission efficiency and life span.
4) within the magnetic steel
Within the magnetic steel with the guide ring using adhesives.Inside the magnets inside and dielectric isolation for magnetic steel appearance need to bag.Bag has two kinds of metal and plastic, metal coating, welding plastic bag by injection molding.
5) outer magnetic steel
Outer magnetic steel with the guide ring USES the binder.
6) of sleeve
Also called gland of sleeve, between the inner and outer magnetic steel, separated from the inner and outer magnetic steel completely, medium closed within the spacer.Spacer thickness and working pressure and temperature, too thick to increase the clearance between the inner and outer magnetic steel size, thus affecting magnetic transmission efficiency;Then affects the intensity is too thin.Of sleeve has two kinds of metal and nonmetal, metal loss with eddy, non-metallic loss no eddy current.
Selection should follow the principle of magnetic pump
1) selection steps based on the present domestic production situation and magnetic materials, magnetic pump sliding bearing the development of the situation, in order to ensure the engineering quality, when choosing magnetic pump can be reference to the following steps.
A. when the pump shaft power is more than 10 kw or medium temperature higher than 100 ℃, the chosen should be careful when dealing with magnetic pump, deal with the material of magnetic steel, the structure of the bearing material limit, such as shielding pump should be chosen when necessary.
B. to less than 10 kw power pump, magnetic pump can ensure the using effect.
2) magnetic pump performance parameters of the pump magnetic pump performance parameters of type flow m3 / h head m ℃ temperature motor KW note metal magnetic pump power 0.2 ~ 2001.2 ~ 125-20 ~ 125 75 medium particle diameter < 0.2 mm or less nonmetallic magnetic pump 0.2 ~ 300.2 ~ 40 < 80 7.5 or less.