Magnetic drive pump structure

Magnetic drive pump structure: Almost all of the magnetic drive pumps adopt pull “after” structure.The coupling parts, bearing parts, respectively as a unit, remove without from line, bottom sit down on the pump shell, good for maintenance service.For example, Japan’s Mount Fuji film chemical company used to use double mechanical seal centrifugal pump, due to chemical corrosion and wear, shaft seal replaced at least once.The replacement of the seal is very expensive, usually of 25% of the total value of the pump, change the time it takes 5 hours.After the switch to GLL magnetic drive pump, run 2 years completely successful.Compared with the double mechanical seal, maintenance cycle is doubled, with a reduced to 15 min.1997 years all pump replacement for magnetic pump, and pump life expectancy (no service) for five years.Allweiler reason leaves axle design, impeller installed in the middle of the sic bearings, standard gap is to declare the patent.Separate type electric motor fan application, plug sleeve bearing, repair the motor or fan bearing can be finished within 30 min.Spare parts for a wide range of and en22858 / iso2858, ansib73.1, swap api610, din, bs standards such as pump.Balance by the API/iso implementation.