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The definition of magnetic pump

The definition of magnetic pump Magnetic transmission centrifugal pump (hereinafter referred to as magnetic drive pump) is the application of modern magnetics principles, use of permanent magnet magnetic transmission to realize non-contact transmission of torque of a new type of pump, which is the motor drives the outer rotor (that is, the outer magnetic steel) assembly rotates, through the role of magnetic field lines through the drive of sleeve inside the rotor (that is, the magnet steel) assembly and synchronous rotating impeller, because the media closed in the stillness of the isolation set inside, so as to achieve the aim of leakfree pumping medium, thoroughly solved the mechanical transmission shaft seal of pump leaks, designed the whole sealing, no leakage, no pollution of new industrial pump. Is a chemical process to eliminate magnetic pump run, run, drip, leak phenomenon, eliminate the pollution of the environment, to create “no leakage workshop” and “no leak factory”, to achieve an ideal pump for safety and civilized production.Widely used in petroleum, chemical, pharmaceutical, printing and dyeing, electroplating, food, environmental protection and so on enterprise’s production process flow of corrosive liquids do not contain iron impurities, is particularly applicable to flammable, explosive, toxic and volatile, precious liquids. Manufacturer in the field of petrochemical industry, more and more, the process requires no leakage for the conveying medium environment, in some special occasions, such as conveying hot oil or particulate medium (such as sewage treatment), and chemical production process, a more pressing need to select the ideal pump type without leakage.Type my company in the production of CQ magnetic pump, on the basis of introduction of new technology at home and abroad, the successful development of MT – HTP series magnetic transmission high temperature chemical process pump, MT – MSP series of magnetic drive high temperature multistage pumps and product series magnetic pump with suspension separator, solved the conventional magnetic pump has not been able to solve the transmission of high temperature (350 ℃) and the technical problems of granules medium, can directly replace the mechanical drive type IH chemical pump.MT series magnetic pump after a long period of productive test of continuous running, the user can be sure that what they choose is the safest, most reliable pump type.