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Expand application areas and enhance technical performance

Expand application areas and enhance technical performance 1:magnetic transmission is the safest the most effective solution to seal field Permanent magnet drive the magnetic couplings for mechanical seal, the hazardous, toxic, pollution, dangerous, pure, valuable products and the production process is a security solution and its application range is very wide.Petroleum chemical industry, medicine, film, electroplating, nuclear power industries most of the liquid is corrosive, inflammable, explosive, toxic, precious, leak can lead to a working liquid waste and environmental pollution;Vacuum, the invasion of the external gas in the semiconductor industry: pure health diet, medicine to ensure that the media.The permanent magnet drive technology found place in these areas.British Howard machinery development co., LTD. (HMD) from 1946 has been working on the seal of pump manufacturing, 37 countries around the world has been selling nearly 70000 units, annual sales of 28 million pounds.America has hundreds of a pharmaceutical factory is equipped with mechanical seal of centrifugal pump, processing all kinds of acids, these pumps due to design problems often dry running, can only use 2 ~ 3 months to break, switch to the ansimag k1516 series of magnetic drive pumps, in operation since 1993 (operation of 4.8 hours a day, 365 days a year) to 1998 is still in operation.The Midwest container plate factory, synthesis of caustic soda is a big problem of rotary vane pump seal, the engineer said the pump is “the dark days of maintenance” installed ansimag etfe lining without company seal, magnetic pump running 11 months without downtime.America a large chemical plant is facing serious difficulties of methanol.By methanol flammable, 60 ℃ near boiling, flow only 7 m3 / h, differential pressure as high as 250 m.Solve the problem by dickow magnetic multistage transmission side suction pump, its flow is 15 m3 / h, differential pressure of 400 m, methanol ensures zero leakage, ensure the safety of operators and factory and resolves the problem of transport methanol containing bubbles. 2:on the technical performance to the tiny magnetic pump, large-scale development In order to meet market needs both at home and abroad, complete sets of equipment to the large-scale development, petroleum and chemical company in China must have a batch of annual output of thousand tons refinery, megaton ethylene plant.Machinery and equipment to meet the heavy load, long cycle, low energy consumption, and meet the environmental requirements.Found in the imitation of foreign products in China, the manufacturing materialRead More…