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Magnetic drive pump new material

Magnetic material selection of the basic understanding and unified, ndfeb material working temperature below 150 ℃, smco material working temperature below 250 ℃, for the micro pump can choose barium ferrite.Pump body metal, nonmetal material cent two kinds big.Stainless steel, metal, does not mean to all liquids are not rust, it is mainly used for compatible with process fluid and precious liquids, ultra pure liquid.Nonmetal is specially developed for corrosive applications.It is divided into two kinds of circumstances.One is the pure plastic pump, with pure polypropylene or vinyl fluoride thermoplastic molding.Such as the UK vanton CGM pump flow rate of 136 m3 / h, lift 84 m temperature (135 ℃), motor 32 kw power.Secondly, liner pump, is now popular a method of corrosion resistant pump lined with plastic.General pump body available malleable cast iron manufacturing, fep, pp, pfa, PVDF, etfe seamless lining.Called magnetix resulted the new series of mta without lining seal pump and other pump is the key advantage of application of its advanced pfa fluoropolymer lining, pfa with its unique widely the ability of resistance to chemical corrosion, etfe, PVDF is famous or other non-metallic materials.Adopts the patent technology, pressure casting membrane process, join the pfa lining thickness and uniform, compete with rotational molded.Used in high purity and high temperature fluid is more ideal.Iso pump ptfe lining the minimum thickness of 3 mm, with mortise pressure into the pump casing, pump casing made of borosilicate glass.Isolation cover is the key of seal parts, it will lead to the bursting of the fluid leak catastrophic harm.Single layer metal sealing cover a wide range of applications, the despite eddy current will generate heat energy loss, if using high strength, high resistance materials can limit the damage, such as: hartz alloy c – 4 (2.4610).Invented by taiani metal laminated isolation cover five countries patent, has been used in many design, its efficiency can reach 99%, transmission power 150 horsepower.Single layer ceramic zro2 (zro2) isolation cover, resistance to caustic solution, acid corrosion, high hardness and good sliding properties, and high mechanical strength and elasticity (e = 2 x 105 n/was), have been used to working pressure of 250 bar.But the ceramic cover thickness is bigger, can’t the plastic processing.In early 1999, the U.S. patent imo pump, the new isolation cover made of carbon fiber and epoxy resin, thickness of less than 2.8 mm, with stainless steel flange.31 bar is suitable for operatingRead More…