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The history of magnetic pump

1940 britons Charles and Geoffrey hwward solved the leakage of dangerous chemical pump medium for the first time, the solution is to use magnetic drive pump.In more than 30 years after the permanent magnet drive technology because of magnetic material progress is very slow.High performance ndfeb permanent magnet (ndfeb) in 1983, for the rapid development of the magnetic drive pump provides the key components of the material.Permanent magnetic transmission technology in recent years has been from the pump to expand other sealing machinery, technical focus on improve the reliability of equipment, resistance to corrosion medium of the new material research, manufacturing and assembly of the fluid technology and precision.Represents the magnetic pump manufacturing technology level of a country, industrial developed countries magnetic pump efficiency in recent years, the life, the manufacture cycle, cost, reliability, etc. Have the breakthrough. Permanent magnet drive technology that transmits power through its outer magnetic axis parts passed to work on the shaft of magnetic components, both inside and outside the magnetic components separated by isolation cover, thereby working shaft need not out of the space to be closed, cancelled the dynamic seal, no seal, zero leakage.Permanent magnetic transmission technology is mainly used in chemical industry, petroleum chemical industry, medicine and food industry in pumps and compressors, mixer and valves, etc.At present, the traditional mechanical seal is widely used in fluid machinery abroad which has been gradually replaced by the permanent magnet drive.