Magnetic Drive Internal Gear Pump

Magnetic Drive Internal Gear Pump

Manufacturer:Botou Haina Pump Industry CO.,Ltd
Material: cast iron, stainless steel
Purpose: conveying high viscosity medium(10-100000cst)

MI type magnetic drive internal gear pump (temperature less then 250 ℃) is the application of the working principle of magnetic couplings in circular pump of new products, the main material is stainless steel.Reasonable design, advanced technology, has the full seal, no leakage, corrosion resistance, the characteristics of its performance reach the advanced level of domestic similar products. Haina brand MI stainless steel magnetic gear pump with static seal instead of dynamic seal, the pump flow components in a completely sealed state, completely solve the other pump mechanical seal of the inevitable run, run, drip ills.MI magnetic drive internal gear pump gear pump with corrosion resistant, high strength engineering plastics, steel jade as manufacturing materials such as ceramic, stainless steel, so it has good corrosion resistance, and can make the medium to be delivered from pollution.
MI stainless steel magnetic drive pump use scope:
MI stainless steel magnetic gear pump zero leakage, compact structure, beautiful shape, small volume, low noise, reliable operation, easy to use longitudinal.Can be widely used in chemical, pharmaceutical, petroleum, electroplating, food, film photography, scientific research institutions, defense industry made pumping units such as acid, alkali, oil, rare precious liquid, venom, volatile liquid, and circulating water to form a complete set of equipment, filter machine.Especially easy to leak, inflammable, explosive liquid pumping, select the pump is more ideal.

Installation and use of magnetic drive internal gear pump
1, MI magnetic drive internal gear pump should be installed, should not be erected, special requirements for vertical installation, the motor must be face up.
2, before starting to open the suction pipe valves, if the suction liquid level below the pump axis, the pipe should be equipped with a bottom valve.
3, the pump should be checked before use, motor blades rotating flexible, no stuck no abnormal sound, various fasteners to tighten.
4, check whether the motor direction of rotation is consistent with MI magnetic drive internal gear pump to tag.

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