fluorine-lined magnetic pump

fluorine-lined magnetic pump IMD series

fluorine-lined magnetic pump,Fluoroplastic magnetic pump is also known as fluoroplastic magnetic centrifugal pump, fluoroplastic magnetic drive pump, corrosion resistant magnetic chemical pump, cqb-f whole plastic magnetic pump is our company’s fluoroplastic magnetic pump in the rear pull heavy magnetic pump.
This model is divided into: base type and no base type.
Fluoroplastic magnetic pump in addition: cqb-f through the typical, cqb-fa long bracket type, cqb-fj new upgrade type.

fluorine plastic magnetic pump main parameters:
Flow range: 1m /h-200m /h
Head range: 2m-50m
Power range: 0.55kw-45kw
Applicable medium: any concentration of acid, alkali, salt, organic solvent, etc
Standard operating temperature: -20℃ — 150℃ above 100℃, high temperature resistant materials shall be customized

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